RMDE: Canadian Environmental Solutions

Serving the Forestry Industry in Canada, wherever challenges exist with Fibre Waste, Residuals, Fire, Disease, Pest Damage.

Fire, Beetle Kill & Disease need not mean that a forest is of no use and Remediation the only option

What we do

What We Do

CoalSwitch BioFuel Pelletised Pellets High Energy High Bulk Density Hydrophobic Feedstock Agnostic

We fully understand the challenges facing the forestry & downstream fibre-based production industries in Canada. Curtailments and Closures may become a thing of the past, with new and innovative technologies breathing new life into the communities that have traditionally operated in the sector.

 Economically viable solutions to the challenges faced by industry and governmental forestry owners and managers are available today.

RMDE through the implementation of cutting edge biotechnologies is helping companies and communities to find  economically viable Liquid and Solid biofuel solutions, utilizing erstwhile No/Low Value Feedstocks; including Fire-Damaged, Insect and Disease affected timber as well as waste materials such as Hog/Salty Hog, Sawmill and Forestry Residues, Slash, Tops and Limbs.

By bringing proven, new technologies, from renowned technology providers around the globe, RMDE can find the right solution for any issue; turning problems to solutions, economic advantage and environmental benefit.

Where We Operate


As a socially responsible environmental organization, involved in developing sustainable renewable energy products to help in the challenge of climate change, we have been working to identify and deliver projects, across Canada for several years.

Having identified key industry sectors which can most benefit, through new technologies and synergy with existing operations, infrastructure and skilled staff in place, we are now proceeding with a number of exciting projects, the first of which will be located in Alberta, Canada.

Further projects are planned to begin to deal with the 'Salty Hog' waste  problem in British Columbia, creating through clean technologies and proven methods a mix of environmentally beneficial fuels, from legacy and arising waste streams; to both clean up the environment and sustainably produce renewable fuels for domestic and industrial usage.

Indigenous Involvement


Indigenous People are at the heart of our thinking and activities. We work closely with First Nations, Metis and Inuit Groups in all of our projects.

We establish Social Responsibility programmes with the local indigenous partners with whom we collaborate, as well as promoting employment, training and additional 3rd party financing of associated services required by our ventures; allowing our friends and partners to grow sustainable businesses of their own, to support our projects also.

Our Partners' connection with and knowledge of the environment in which they live, and we invest, is unrivalled and brings great benefit to our activities to mutual benefit.

We share knowledge and the benefits, mutually, from successful outcomes in our projects, employing and training Indigenous People, creating opportunity in often remote areas and bringing economic development opportunities to their lands and communities.