Environmental Solutions: Forestry Industry Waste

Cutting Edge Renewable Energy Technologies

Our expert team have over a century of combined experience in the development and delivery of world-beating renewable energy solutions for the forestry, pulp and paper and timber processing industries. By assisting major players in forestry management and downstream fibre processing our customers are able to better manage their forests, improve their profitability, whilst benefitting the environment, the communities that they serve, whilst safeguarding the sustainability of the forests themselves into the future

Low/No Value Fibre Usage

We only develop, invest in and promote truly environmentally friendly solutions for our customers' benefit.

Forestry Management and Operations methodology are dictated by economics. Our solutions allow operators to improve profitability, asset value whilst future proofing their operations against curtailments or closures, leveraging their existing infrastructure and skill sets and ensuring employment continuity regardless of core business instability.

The ability to utilise all of the fibre available means less area is cut and disturbed to create greater returns and higher profitability.

Indigenous Relations & Social Responsibility

RMDE take Indigenous participation very seriously, always consulting with and involving wherever possible, our Indigenous Partners in each project that we undertake. Our relationships with First Nations, Metis and Inuit groups in Canada are core to our principles and benefit us greatly, through their support, local knowledge and desire to see economic development happen for their people too.

We employ local indigenous personnel wherever the skilled staff are available and have created relationships for training, our Partners' people, to ensure that in the future, they are able to provide people to join our team.

Non-Merchantable Timber, Slash, Brush, Tops and Limbs; Fire, Insect, Disease affected fibre, including all types of legacy Salty Hog dumps can be converted profitably into Solid Biofuels at high bulk and energy density using cutting edge licensed technologies. Imagine what is currently a waste product or environmental problem having value on par with Sawlog; it can.


With a full understanding of the breadth of the Biomass markets we are well positioned to discuss your issues, regardless of the 'quality' or quantity involved; we work with our customers to solve Biomass Waste issues creating economic opportunity.

Biomass to Liquid


Our Technology Partners are world leaders in the production of Liquid BioFuels from Cellulosic Waste materials, delivering product to world class clients in Europe today; RMDE, an environmental engineering leader in the forestry and fibre processing sector, are bringing this revolutionary production process to Canada to help solve a waste problem, creating opportunity from a significant problem.

Waste to Profit


Environmental Engineering today provides cutting edge solutions to long-term problems within the Forestry Management/Operations sector; such as what to do with Salty Hog, Fire, Insect, disease affected timber and fibre wastes. RMDE through it's operating subsidiaries have very real opportunities to assist with these problems. We work with Forestry, Sawmill, Pulp and Paper and other Forestry Industry stakeholders to identify solutions, creating revenue where, until now, costs, financial and environmental, have been the norm.