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Forestry: Waste Management

Founded  by  Grand  Chief  Ronald Derrickson,  RMD  Environmentals,  brings  together  a  team  of  internationally  experienced  experts  with experience in  major  renewable  energy  projects  and  technologies.

Creating  value  from underutilized  forestry residuals, slash, fire/pest/disease damaged timber, salty hog and other environmentally challenging fibre sources is  our goal;  converting  them  to  solid  and  liquid  biofuels,  timberlands and processing waste management is our  core  competency.

Specific opportunities and solutions for operators;  whether  arising  or legacy fibre waste issues, including Salty Hog Waste and Hog Fuel among other residuals from harvesting  operations, relevant specifically  to  Canada.

Wherever existing infrastructure, forestry assets and staff exist, but may be at risk from curtailments, closures or other non-competitive market challenges RMDE are keen to discuss alternative projects, at scale, commercially, that offer an economically  attractive alternative to burning, landfilling and avoidance of fibre/forestry waste issues.

We are a commercially focused environmental organization ready to assist with your waste fibre issues. Please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer any questions that you may have  regardless  of  the  size  or  complexity  of  the  issue.

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We are always keen to hear from forestry operators, timber processing professionals  and  governmental potential partners.

Please feel free to contact us with a short description of the project which you would like to discuss and we will endeavour to respond to all contact requests quickly . Investors may also contact us by using this form  in the first instance.

Indigenous Groups interested in opportunities are also warmly welcomed.

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Our team has a over a Century of combined experience in Environmental and Renewable Energy projects around the world. Call us to discuss your Forestry, Processing or Waste issues, we're always keen to assist

Waste to Revenue


Our solutions convert any 'quality' of fibrous material to Solid or Liquid fuels,  creating significant value, where once there was cost or environment issues. 

Contact us and we'll happily discuss which solutions may suit your situation best.

Indigenous Partners


We greatly respect and value our Indigenous Partners and welcome approaches from all Indigenous Individuals or Groups interested in learning more about our initiatives, investment opportunities and employment or training possibilities.