Environmental Organization

Grand Chief Ronald M. Derrickson: Chairman & D

Ronald M. Derrickson has wide-reaching business interests in agriculture, forestry, real estate and construction, and is a significant landowner in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. Ronald is a successful author having published 2 definitive books on the colonization of Canada, with forewards written by the globally renowned environmental expert, Naomi Klein; and with two further books due for release in 2020. 

Ronald was Chief of the Westbank First Nation Indian Band, one of Canada’s Self-Governed First Nations, a goal that Ronald championed and achieved while Chief, for twelve years, and in 2013 Ronald was appointed Grand Chief of British Columbia for Life in recognition of his achievements for First Nations Peoples across Canada. Notably, Westbank First Nation has demonstrated a tremendous growth from being largely in debt in 1976 growing to above $1 bln in GDP in 2019 - to a large extent due to Ron’s contribution to the community. In May 2019 Grand Chief Derrickson received the Indspire Award for Business and Commerce in Calgary and received positive acclaim from across government and industry for his lifelong achievements in business against all odds, including from Justin Trudeau and industry giants operating across Canada.

Joseph Valoroso: Director

Joseph, a Kelowna, BC resident has a long history in the Forestry and Logging industries in British Columbia. At its height Valoroso Logging was one of the largest harvesting operations in BC and his experience in this segment of the market is invaluable. Joseph has developed a number of successful business ventures in Canada and owns a market leading Import business with its own distribution network across the country. Joseph is a director of RMDE and its subsidiary ICE Limited (Indigenous Canadian Energy Ltd).

Richard G. Spinks

Richard Spinks held a number of executive and board positions within the hi-tec, fisheries,  food processing, agriculture and forestry/biomass and environmental organizations. In 2003 Richard co-founded Landkom International Pic, the first listed company in the global agricultural sector which he grew to be one of if not the single largest agricultural holding in the world at that time (126,800 hectares of arable farmland), employing around 10,000 previously  unemployed  people  in  his  areas  of  operations.

Until he stepped down to focus on this initiative in July of 2018, Richard was CEO of AEG Plc.

Whilst  at AEG Richard transformed the company from a major wood chip producer into an advanced technology company developing the  unique CoalSwitch™ technology, capable of converting forest fire, diseased and beetle kill affected timber to high value BioFuels; signed forestry agreements with the government of Newfoundland and Labrador and developed relationships with Indigenous Groups across Canada.

Sven Crone

Sven has a 38-year career in International Project Construction and Development, and International Company reorganizations. From 1979 to 1985, he was Management Trainee, Bechtel and various subsidiaries & project SPV’s. Over the years, he has worked on the following projects: Development Al-Rajhi Trading Co. Limited, Saudi Arabia, Reorganization of Nederlandse Vilieghiedsdienst NV /Falck/ Group 4 / G4S -Technical Division, Netherlands, IDS Ireland Reorganization of Toshiba Power Division, Power Generation Control Systems in Europe Re-organization of Ibris/ Company Overview of PT Risjadson Holding & Investment Co./ Indonesia & Singapore. Energy Portfolio. Formed Focus Energy Solutions BV in 2008 and in 2017 they completed the Dolwin Beta Project for Tennet as well as other clients RWE, NIBC, ENECO (Vattenfallen).

Dean Ducharme

Dean is a member of the Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement, one of the 8 Metis Settlements, in Alberta. Dean has previously served as Chairman of PPMS, as well as Councillor and brings a wealth of contacts among Indigenous Communities across Canada.